Reviews for "Flash Halo: CTF"


Can u add more spartans to our team and give a flood infestation mode?Plus id like multiplayer.I LOVE HALO BABY!YOU ROCK!

tea bag :P

i enjoyed your game and all except i kept dying with the hog
either then that its damn fun and its just needed tea bag :P

good times :)

this brings me memorys as a kid playing this fun game

the game

dude please make a #2 if so make slayer or juggernut ok and add more guns and a elite would be COOL!!!!!!!!!!

Nice game.

It sort of gets boring later on and you can't get out of the Warthog which makes it impossible to win once you enter. The game is pretty fun at the beginning though and the "Now who's going to save the human race, genius?" thing is funny. Please make a Slayer or Infection one too. And have more vehicles.