Reviews for "Flash Halo: CTF"

Good game

But did any one else have a problem with the last man suddenly becoming invincible and not allowing you to pass him without dying? Interesting, nice game tho!


Like some others said, you need to make this so it makes sense, that old lady spawning next to your flag is cheap and senseless. Still, good game, just work on it some more, add difficulty levels and maybe a few more stages or somekind of bonus warthog race. Keep it up

Great potential

If you work on it somemore, even like host a larger game of on a site for people to download it would be great. I know you cant do too much with file size restrictions and such but theres good potential in the game.

It is ok, thats all

Well, this game was ok by all meanings. But there are alot of reasons that I don't give a higher overall score than 6.

I loved anything about the graphics, they were really smooth and cool with the retro lookings combined with the halo figures and enviorments. Animations looked real fine and smooth with high FPS standards. Intro, end credits and such was real nice aswell, felt very Halo when text was made with the same style as the real Halo games. Also the "instructions" screens are always a HUGE plus in games! Especially when made as fine as yours. But some things were lesser good, that when turning with the warthog, it turned instantly, did not match id say. And that the (gonna try a new word here) tire-smokings stayed as when you were jumping with the warthog.

The sound was of pretty good qual, yet a little lame and unexiting or surprising. And gun sounds got annoying as you had no other weapons of choise so one gun, one sound all round. But since it had sound effects and background music its still a good work.

The layout in the game was pretty, well, simple and a real nice try actually. But, it did actually not bring that much joy. I really love the concept of a simplified Halo game at 2D, but its gonna take alot more than this to make it to the 10. Example, could really use some kind of Minimap that shown opponents base and urs + where ur mates and opponents were. Since i found it really boring after like, 2nd capture since it was all the same over and over again. The option of using the warthog was also really cool! But it was not as fun as id expect it to be, it was basicly the same as walking but a little faster... and, the same gun as when being an infantry. And i could not really jump out of it when once jumped into it either so. Also, when died you got Game Over - well - i just dont find that fun since the opponents respawned at after death. It'd be real great if this game would offer some more action by letting you respawn after death and just lose the flag if you had it on you, and it would drop to the ground and opponents would have to rescue the flag.

But it isnt the variety that i found being the most disturbing element in this game, but the spawns of the opponents. They did not seem to have solid spawn points and could spawn like 8 feet from your own base, which i found really disturbing. And, at them taking a score they actually didn't seem to HAVE to move all the way back to their base. Opponents leaving comments when killed was a little fun part and cheered the game up overall and made it feel a little bit like playing on-line.

This is a very nice idea of a 2D game and you obviously has the skills of an animator and programmer to complete with doing something that could hit top 3 of all time! But, I would seriously say that you should co-op with some other experienced game creator and let that person be a part of the creating of future games. Mate, I really leave my vote on you! Im sure you will go really far! Vote: 3

that was ok

well kinda ok except i couldnt ge out of warthog. and it was too slow. make more vehicles. for a sec i actually thought i was plaing with other people lol.