Reviews for "Flash Halo: CTF"


I say you should draw the characters, and not use sprites. Also make more levels please! One thing I liked is how it felt like an online game, with the characters and everything they said when they died, however I would of liked it a lot more if they said a lot more different things, instead of the SAME thing everytime. There should be bigger maps, more people on YOUR team,and more characters. Even without any of those things, this game is a masterpiece but would be a lot better and nicer with everything I said. Great job man! Excellent Halo game!

Great start

It was really entertaining. the first halo game nice
*sound was great
*controls were responsive
_the enemy spawning was not random (where u kill, they spawn)
_the warthog didnt work to well. i couldnot stay in it and drive
_if u decide to make another, more weapons and maps
Good job and i hope to see another one

No Way!!!

I was thinking of making Halo as a flash game too! Anyways, very well done. Although, I think that if you took more time on it, like, lets say a month or two, this could have been awesome. There wasn't that much to do, what's the point of having a turret on the warthog if it doesn't do anything? Also, I think that more weopons would have been pretty cool, and if enamies spawned at their base. Well, I might still try to make a Halo flash game someday, please don't think I copied your idea!


Wow nice, very unique, although it IS WAY TOO EASY. I dont know if your a huge Halo fan but I am. Im obsessed. (As a matter of fact im level 26 in Rumble Pit!) But nice job kid.

Seems a bit unfinished

For what it is, it's a really good game, but a few problems were quite distracting, such as the way enemies seem to spawn from out of nowhere to steal your flag, and sometimes its hard to climb in the warthog. It was fun for a few seconds, and I loved the sprite- halo style. The CTF was kind of fun, but it would be better if there was more too it. The sound FX and loops were also quite good.