Reviews for "Flash Halo: CTF"

could be better

This could have been a lot better if the enemies you kill dont spawn in the same spot they die on, and how do you get out of the warthog?

Great game but...

It needs:

-Different enemy tactics (jumping, short bursts, enemies can use warthogs)
-New weapons (Shotgun, Rocket Launcher, Pistol)

If it had that it would be one of THE best games on NG.

Not bad

Although the fact that an enemy spawn so close to your flag, the warthog gun doesn't seem to do anything, NO GRENADES? OMFGWTF?!, Can't snipe or go on top of the base. Other than that, it was entertaining for a few minutes... AND TO ALL, HOLD CTRL NEAR THE WARTHOG DOOR TO GET IN


good game...... but..... why cant i get out of the fucking warthog?

Best Halo flash game yet!!!

Great recreation of CTP, a little too easy but it showed you put a lot of effort in it. The warthogs were kindof useless but a nice touch for some added variety. I liked the small things like the people spazzing when they die. All in all could have used some work, but a great Halo recreation. Do yo have any plans to make any other flash variations of other Halo games? Id love to see them. Keep up the good work!