Reviews for "Flash Halo: CTF"

kind of straight lineish...

I would never be albe to make this but that won't stop me from complaining about it.

it was kind of dull, but it is what you said it would be...i'll give you that
in fact, it is almost better then the real game....heh

crunk enough

i have seen better but this shit is okay to me. next time put missions on this games and not get the flag type of game. keep it up

Hilarious game and fun too...for about 2 minutes

This game was hilarious and *kinda fun*. It was fun the first 2 minutes i played it, then i got bored because there was nothing else to do. The things that need improving are the levels, they are too short (hopefully when the creator comes out with the new version it wont be a side scroller) non side scrolling levels), weapons, need more, different npc messages, (they were hilarious though, it was especially funny when halofreak123 goes ahahahaha n00b when you killed him), and online play (deathmatch and of course capture the flag would be sweet!). The graphics i liked, except for the silver base things, they should look more like the character models, and the vehicles looked good too. heh heh good thing he cant make this pay to play or i would be sad and he'd have a law suit on his tail ;)


needs more to do i no like back and forth like tht way to simple


Oh man, it wasnt that great. But i gave it a high score because it was probably an unbelievable idea on paper. well i could do no better so nice try