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Reviews for "Power Ranger Parody"


Fairly good, but it needs more tweaking before it becomes good

What the hell?

wow that was bad....you should go and never come back...your just bad...

Dogster080 responds:

I love you >^.^<

Great video!

I thought the thing was great! I had always imagined something like that when hearing the theme song to that show.

As for those that flame you, if they don't agree with it, they shouldn't watch it.

Dogster080 responds:

Thanx, im glad you like it ^_^



Also, stop making fun of people that say they like power rangers or say your flash was crappy, It's there opinion, stop being such a fucking moron.

Dogster080 responds:

Hey the only fuckin moron here is probably your dumbass. =D Ever think of that monkey shit? And why dont you take your little winy ass and shove it. MMk. And i didnt make fun of anybody, other than you ^_^, people like you need to be shot... really. seriously... Waist of space >=)


that was pure crap. It dishonors the greatness of PR & Sentai.

Dogster080 responds:

I hope you burn, and die!! and ... all that good stuff that hapens to fuckin ass wipes like you ^__^