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Reviews for "Power Ranger Parody"


lol, it was nice and quiet funny. lol just lost 4 iq points still got eeuhm... -4 left


That was a great idea on paper but you did some things wrong. I loved the idea at first but you could have done something different the third time it said in space. I do give you props it was pretty funny.

That was funny

I am myself a avid PR fan and I occasionally listen to the themes for all seasons. Don't listen to any of those other guys who over react I found it in good humor.

wow is funny ^_^

Nice ! i like this is so funny !!
Andros in space lol

look this link: w w w.rangercentral.c o m/main-database.htm
all power ranger is here.

The Power Chamber has been destroyed by Divatox, and the Turbo Powers are gone. As the Rangers hide in the ruins of their former base of operations, Divatox leaves for deep space, where a federation of evil leaders is called together for an urgent summit. Among the familiar faces: Lord Zedd, Rita Repulsa, Master Vile, and the Machine Empire. Their new leader, Dark Specter, has kidnapped Zordon, and plans to drain his powers for evil. He has placed princess of evil Astronema in charge of destroying the Rangers.


hey i'm not saying it's bad i'm saying thats just wierd just wierd