Reviews for "-Ricochet Love-"

This is just Viewtiful.

Sounds like it belongs to oine of those games. Just plain rocks.

you are the best ;)

this music is really good
i hope you make more good music
mus1c 1s c00l

Well well

This is a very awsome combo of trance and breakbeat. Still how do you make the breakbeats? Do you use loops? or do you layer snares and combine it with breakloops?
please respond.
Thanks :)


Volume's been pumped up, equalizers set, and face has been rawked.

This can definitely be classified under the category of "Masterpiece". You've put all the perfect elements of DnB together into one mass of awesome.

Thank you for this.


I downloaded this song at least half a year ago, and I still love it. I've had this song stuck in my head for the last 3 days, and I enjoy every minute of it! My iPod loves you, and may I say yet again, incredible job!