Reviews for "-Ricochet Love-"


Almost right off the bat I can tell whether tracks like these will be great, or shitty.

The melody itself, alone, seemed to jump around a lot, but you had a lot of backup and accompaniment sounds to accomodate its eccentricity that it pulled off this haywire feeling you'd get watching a group of high tech soldiers fighting off aliens or some kind of shit like that.

The 8-bit vox starting at 1:22 is badass, the subsequent breakdown the melody is a lot more restrained, giving a serene appeal, then launching back into a kind of urgent awareness.

The piece itself is just dripping the same sweat you probably dropped into it making it, nice work.

Waterflame responds:

thank you so much! :) im really glad you liked it. you really know how to review, im kinda out of words here. :D


When I first heard it, I thought "meh its okay" but after few listens again, I found the song is AWESOME! I think it has a few similar elements to your older song- "storm"- like the build up and the ending at 3:38.
I love the chorus 0:58-1:09, the beat is so good! It's like have an orgasm in your ear!

Very nice

I like listening to this song when i play :) 5/5 good job dude!

Best *&$@! beat i've heard in years.

This should be Top of all time songs. This shit is crazy, need moar like this.


Your songs are just freaking awesome!

First i listened to control crowd, and now i realise i have downloaded over 10 of your songs! And considering i am quite picky in music, that is a big accomplishment, and not any other band or artist has accomplished that.

And this song is just epic. Nothing else to say.