Reviews for "-Ricochet Love-"

Jaw Dropper.

That was quite remarkable.

It started off slow, And I was expecting it to maybe be a bit of a slow, techno song with a few 'bips' and 'bops' thrown into the mix. Then after 30 seconds or so, It just breaks right through the calmness, and comes out clean and strong. Really good, And done very well actually.

I like the fact that its a good blend of a sort of Orchestra feel, as well as the obvious techno feel to the music also. It merged from one sound or beat to another very well, Without coming across jumpy or anything.

Overall it was edited, and mastered well. I couldn't pick out anywhere that sounded out of whack, Or much that was too high pitched, or low pitched. In all I couldn't find anything it was missing, Or had too much of. It was basically flawless.

Well deserving of a ten.

Waterflame responds:

glad you liked the intro :D i tend to get inspiered by that sort of thing myself when listening to music, like when youre allready satisfied with what you hear, and with no real warning you just get something sweet thrown in your face. im not a fan of too long build ups, unless they can churn out a climax witch is actually BETTER than the buildup. and that dossnt happen often. and yeah its kinda become my trademark to blend orchestral with techno/Breakbeat. and i finally feel like ive merged it into a fusion sound im happy with. so i think more tracks like this are heading your way! and, wow well, i dont know about flawless but i dont mind that title :D thank you!

Your best

HEY BRAH! I would go ahead and call this the greatest shit you've churned out so far because holy crap I can't stop listening to it. The melody is addictive, the production is good, it never gets stale or boring and the rythm is incredibly rich and saturated. Plus the transitions own. I should totally make some "breaktrance" myself during the summer, our roots are in Hybrid after all and I've bought 32gb of orchestral samples for no good. Daymn.

It sucks so much that you didn't get a list spot this week, there's the "democracy" of NG Audio for ya. But oh well, let's hope you get a frontpage eventually.


Reminds me of -Dancing in the Rain- for some reason. Excellent use of beats here :D


Definitely a fav, this is epic, I loved it! I'm not even finished with the song and I'm already inlove with it! This is great music!

you've done it again Waterflame

another great song by waterflame!! i love all your songs. not one is bad. this one is probably one of your best! great job!