Reviews for "-Ricochet Love-"

Really is Good at Action Games...

I can see why this has such a high rating! Of course, I don't really watch things that don't have high ratings. I wish I could remember this from the "Raze 2" game I just played. This is so freaking awesome because of how glorious it is. I don't know why there's that silent bit at the end. It seems like there are so many instruments being used for this.

You don't need to turn up the volume to embrace this masterpiece. It makes you think of an epic journey, pscyhological roles, and triumph all at the same time! Every note just seems to hit the right spot. There are probably a couple of unintelligible voices somewhere in there. I'm glad to have listened to this. Another example of a perfect length.

I have listened this for a long time ago, but never get bore when listen it again xD

I Would Kill for a song like this on the radio Loved It 5/5 ~Shadows

Not bad this music fits on a game like raze