Reviews for "-Ricochet Love-"

This cool song made for BATTLE :)
Found it in raze flashgame.

Love this song so much, that moment when the drop comes is just one word: fantastic. Saw you're planning to remake this in the future, I'm looking forward to that because I really love this song *-*

I have NEVER heard anything better then this on newgrounds! Its a great song... I would like to explain it but i cant. Its to good for my head

Totally agree with the Author's comment. It's the best soundtrack in Raze 2, that is for sure.

the beginning feels a bit messy but once the violins and flutes kick in it gives a nice depth to the song, drop feels a bit calmer to me than the begining for some reason but it works well nonetheless, also synths at 1:00 fit in great too, not too repeative, the kicks, ah, orgasms :D!, this is really good stuff, love the calm part at 2:00!! keep it up man.

- Pandasticality