Reviews for "8-Bit Bossbattle"

I have to ask...

...Is this supposed to be from something, 'cause if it is, I can't tell at all...

I really want to use this piece for an exam ;D

Sooo many levels, and my favourite bit is that you don't use any drums!

It shows they are not always necessary :)

My fav bit is the beginning, the high notes are perfectly place.
A piece I will listen to for a looong time.

0:41 Sounded like some nice GBA games :) at first I didn't think that part was so epic boss/hard battle- but it fits really well with a video of FF6 or something.

Sorry I don't have any criticism - but it's really hard! xD


This sound...this style...

It reminds me of my own o_o Just saying XD

But as an advantage for you, I simply LOVE this loop. It's really a boss battle theme. It will fit perfectly as one on a Game Boy or NES. The melodies are amazing, especially the very consistent and incredible lead sounds and the 2nd voices. Also the addition of multiple other instruments at the 3/4-ish part!

5/5, 10/10.

Permission to remix in the future? You'll get mandatory credit of course, but still I always ask permission anyway =)


yup its totally a fun boss battle tune!

SilentTakedown responds:

Thanks. :D

Simply Great

You really did a good job of capturing an intense battle sequence without the noise drums. It's a nice a melody too! Keep up the good work!

SilentTakedown responds:

So I don't need them. :D