Reviews for "8-Bit Bossbattle"


Hey Intero, I've already played Peuteris Grey and I love how your music sounds in this game, you did a really great job! And yes, I'm working with the RPG-Maker as well, and I know Lachsen and GFlügel, too (the ones who made the game for the contest). Awesome track, 10/10; 5/5

Keep up this great work! :]

Perfect for some magaman fan game or something.

A biiiit too slow-ish at times, but perfect for a normal boss.
Certainly not a final boss, though. Add some epic rave-ness to it for that.
Still, a very good song.
I can imagine the little megaman headbanging to this.


i love it

I think this is very good!

This is pleasing--Boss battle music can be good, but this is excellentXD

You got it!

Did you know that rtnario remixed this song?

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/ 238007 (without the spaces)

SilentTakedown responds:

He asked me before he did. :)