Reviews for "Status Quo"

So its a guy with a hole in his chest. cool.

beastkid7 responds:

Yup, thanks!

All right, you've got me. I'll have to follow this now and see what's coming next. It really speaks well for you that you've been able to pique so much curiosity through a single image. Kudos!

beastkid7 responds:

Thanks! Such a nice comment. I hope I can keep you curious.

Seems like im not the only one who thought of portal :P Great work. Nice lighting and reflection on the glasses

beastkid7 responds:

Thanks! yeah people keep saying that. It's not exactly a portal

He plays a lot of portal.

beastkid7 responds:

lol, too an unhealthy degree it seams

He feels empty inside.

Living in a society that doesn't excel his being.

Trapped in a world of debt so as to prevent him from feeling whole.

But what would happen if that emptiness was filled?

He would be unstoppable.

But for now...he's nothing more than a husk with question.

Until...that is....he can see.

beastkid7 responds:

Oh, but will he ever fill it? WE WILL SEE! Glad to have you along for the ride Jak! Can't wait to here what you think about the next one. Should be out in a few days