Reviews for "Whats on TV? 2"

<3 Awesome <3

Much luff to ze BBS. Good job DA and GFC. :)


Thank you for hiding goatse with the :(

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omfg HAWT

and I was in it! whoop-whoop grandfather clock's one and teh bedn 007 spoof was the best

holey shiit!

a masterpiece!11 <3

This is frickin awesome!!! And I'm in it!

Dude, DarkArchon and also Grandfather, this was excellent! Every scene, a different style, action, and topic. This makes it all the more enjoyable. I especially love the reference to the Jason Chase. Hilarious, kept my entertained, just like a TV. I hope you make more, and for your next one, have a little bar under the TV, where it says SONY to put like a pause and play button, and a forward to next channel or back as well. They arent hard to make, and will up your interactivity. Great job once again, and good luck on your next! I would sure love to participate and touch on my flash skills again.

- BlueCherryClock

P.S. Sorry it took so long to watch it, this week was extremely hectic. :)