Reviews for "Whats on TV? 2"


the rating on the side didnt have the right button express what that made me think, that was probably the most fucked up thing ive ever seen but it was kindqa funny all the same.


i love the talent of the voice acting the humor and teh fact u alowed me not to c teh full force of teh goatse..thanks guys!! you did an amazing job teamed up.. i loved how the voice actor said rape..and how wade kept putiing bodies at oxfam bravo!!

the last one got old and was too long

it was funny i liked the first bunch the last one was funny but god old pretty quick the wife sex i woulda like to "change the channel" again to something else

Cool dudes!

Wow, this was silly. Good job dudes. You are radical. B)

<3 Awesome <3

Much luff to ze BBS. Good job DA and GFC. :)