Reviews for "Whats on TV? 2"

omfg HAWT

and I was in it! whoop-whoop grandfather clock's one and teh bedn 007 spoof was the best

My god man

This is... my god this is just so damn

GREAT! The graphics wern't revolutionary but they got the job done nicely. The style was medium because A TV flash has been done, but not with a narration about Wade Fulps day to day life! The movie was obviously violent and sexual, but not too over the top ;). The interactivity was er.... the Preloader. And the humor, man, the whole movie was humourous.

Over all: 10 - Why you ask? It owned Wade Fulp


lmao, that was great...

No Wade, not again AAAAAAAAAHHHH

Not too bad...... just wierd but oddly funny.... that is all.


what a waste of talent voice acting

-learn to draw (you draw as good as me, that's not a good thing)
-get a mike
WTF do you have against wade fulp?