Reviews for "Whats on TV? 2"


The job was good nice animation,everything about it was on a nice level.


Pure Brilliance. I am surprised I didn't know this earlier.

Being on the BBS explains most of it though.

This is frickin awesome!!! And I'm in it!

Dude, DarkArchon and also Grandfather, this was excellent! Every scene, a different style, action, and topic. This makes it all the more enjoyable. I especially love the reference to the Jason Chase. Hilarious, kept my entertained, just like a TV. I hope you make more, and for your next one, have a little bar under the TV, where it says SONY to put like a pause and play button, and a forward to next channel or back as well. They arent hard to make, and will up your interactivity. Great job once again, and good luck on your next! I would sure love to participate and touch on my flash skills again.

- BlueCherryClock

P.S. Sorry it took so long to watch it, this week was extremely hectic. :)


I cant understand why this got such a high rating. All of it up until the wade part was good but that part was just crap. The drawings were crap, it wasent funny and the sound volume kept changing so i had to keep my mouse over the volume control the whole time.

holey shiit!

a masterpiece!11 <3