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Reviews for "Hero"


Is it dancing or saving the world... Just joking... Cool movie, great choice of the music, and realy cool movie!!! Keep doing movies about hero... you are a good movie maker

Wikk responds:

lol i saw you review another movie before thx


The graphics were great!And the concept was REALLY REALLY COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wikk responds:

Thx soo much you kick arse thx sooo much

wow it rocked

This one rocked my socks dude. It was awsome and great and bla bla bla good....great.....awsome better than numa numa

Wikk responds:

ive download your audio like a month ago god dahm its an honer i love that song lol

Not bad

i think i know where you were coming from with this flash due to the DBZ theme.

When Vegeta Turned SSJ on that planet. But the whole thing was good and the music went well with it to top it off.

good job.

Wikk responds:

i havent seen that but its a good sighn <-- i cant spell that your comparing me to DBZ

i didnt

watch it yet but i bet its great