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Reviews for "Hero"


Obviously the author is trying to make a look alike of already overwhelmingly lame type of flashes, where some teenage dude kicks the ass of everything around him. To make it even worse there was Evanescence playing XD. OMG did i laugh watching at how serious this flash was trying to be, but come on it's still lame. Someone's been watching too much anime.

Wikk responds:

Flash by ample:
- none -
again i bet u dont know how hard it is but i can see your point u get flash tail and submit something and ill laugh at how suck arse you are


this movie sucked r u trying to be like dbz cause if u are thats pathetic stop making movies u suck period

Wikk responds:

Flash by Tonic_1:
- none -
theres a supise you dont know how hard it is


Is it dancing or saving the world... Just joking... Cool movie, great choice of the music, and realy cool movie!!! Keep doing movies about hero... you are a good movie maker

Wikk responds:

lol i saw you review another movie before thx


It most certainly isn't the best flash I have ever seen, but it was ok enouh to make me try to get you into the portal.

Wikk responds:

good good


That was pretty good and I loved the song but the graphics?But overall it's pretty good :D

Wikk responds:

1 for graphics? jesus oh well tx for the review