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Reviews for "Hero"


for the first time ever, evenesance have sounded good in something. That deserves kudos. You rule! Make more please, with the same amount of effort and desire for it. (Also, you manageed to give the song MP3 quaility! People forget to do that).

Wikk responds:


Try again.

The only thing I can compliment were the two main characters. They were okay. But the frame rate was a little slow, and I didn't know what was going on. I guess that guy was fighting the space ships, then there were lasers or something. Also, the music didn't really sync up with what was happening. It just seemed like it was thrown on top of the movie.

Wikk responds:

ill fix that thx

really really bad

that music could drill holes in my head, every fucking "meaningful"! flash has that fucking song,(no offence) but that song , urrrgh! i could shoot evenanesece shit!

the animation was practicaly non exsistant in that though, and i sort of lost the mean of it aswel, maybe because it has none, i dont know, any way, never use that song again,

have a nice day!


Wikk responds:

y give the sound 1 if u h8 it so much


it looks as if you've tried a bit on this, inlike some of the other so called flash artists, which i normaly give a 0, or 1 for, but i kinda liked it, so i'll give it a 3, good work

Wikk responds:

Thx 4 da review

nice start

not bad.. I do hate that song, but you used it well.. nice character, next time work a little more on him, I would keep all of his umm.. what do you call them? "outlines" the same size. and maybe put a little more detail into the background..Hope I helped.. =c )

Wikk responds:

you did thx