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Reviews for "Hero"

aliens aliens everywhere I gooo

Hey, it wasn't bad. It wasn't spectacular either, although I blame that on the song (not a fan). You used that symbol of the guy with one knee up a lot though. Falling, jumping around etc. You needed to draw him in more poses, which is fucking boring I know, but makes the movie all the more satisfying when it's done.
Flash takes time. Stick at it and I'm pretty confident you'll have something cool to submit in the future.

Wikk responds:

Thx so much

Pretty good.

Your style of animation was pretty impressive, so props for that. I would have rated this higher, but I thought that the movements of your characters were very choppy, which took a lot away from the overall score. You should try to make the animation flow a little more smoothly. Making the actions a little more fluid would definitely increase the overall quality. Honestly though, that was the only issue I had with this flash. You have some talent, keep working at it.

Wikk responds:

ok thx i agree i am only 13 i havent msterd my animation lol


All I can say is keep practicing and you will find success. One way or another, if your staring out it can be hard, and even if your not, if your experienced; there is always room for improvement.

I think you should keep working hard and one day, if you are really that keen, you could become a decent animator/artist/author


Wikk responds:


hmmm not to bad

its not bad, i enjoyed it it just that next time you do a video you should try to have the music somewhat ethusiasize what hes doing... but thats just my opinion, other than that well done keep up the good work

Wikk responds:

ok thx


Its good but you used the same library item for about every scene when hes falling, or jumping.

Wikk responds:

lol thx for the review