Reviews for "Fly High"


that was insane lool and pretty funny

wallpaperman responds:

yesh teh omg

thankyuo i appreciate AH LOOK A FLOATING KNIFE

Great Movie

I woke up in the morning feeling terrible..i got on the portal and saw this movie..i feel great..thanks

wallpaperman responds:

hoorah! we're like coffee... but better

Why is it allways are Hero...?

I mean that line has been used so many time's it's just no funny anymore... but that besides it was a nice try... the graphics at some points where a little sketchy but it seemed to flow nicely, your story actually had some form of plot... not many new flashes do so good for you. With a bit more practise I think you 3 could turn out to be some decent animators.

wallpaperman responds:

:/ i didnt think anyone would actually downrate it cuz of the term "our hero"


That was kwl! really long as well, the graphics where ok it suited the movie well, didn't like the music though not really my type.
It was a bit weird because there wernt any talking but good style to the movie.
Good luck! =D

wallpaperman responds:

thanks for the comments, im welsh too! ^^

ah well no music can suit anybody, im glad you liked the movie