Reviews for "Mega Man RPG 2"


you need to add a life limit

Kick Ass

I loved mega man. This really Kicks Ass!

nice game.......

this was a good game. I'm sure you realize that there are some ppl giving this a low score just because of the explosions they hear after you kill a boss. To those ppl, that is what happened in all of the sidescrolling megaman games. when the boss dies, you hear those explosions! Thats how it is in the console games! So why shouldn't it be in this? If you think that the explosions make this a bad game, then go fuck a hippo! This is a good game, and just becuase sounds from the actual games were implemented isn't a reason to give this a low score! So STFU!

takes me back to my suoer nintindo

This game realy took me bacl to days in front of my t.v. playing the mega man series on my super nintindo

Diz Shit iz mad kewl

Yo man you need ta make more....I wanna make a Flash video but im not in NY and I dont have Flash. YOU DESERVE THIS 10 LIKE HELL!!!