Reviews for "Mega Man RPG 2"

i tried doing all the atacks in ordor but it did not work

Just like my review for the first game, I loved the concept of a turn-based RPG set in the classic series a lot. Unfortunately, the execution on this one was also pretty poor and hasn't aged very well over the last several years. You did a much better job with the animations, even if some of the sprites were from different games, and I respect you for making a sequel with more robots and options. The strange behaviour of some abilities was off-putting, and the generic flash buttons used in the menus were a missed opportunity for something better looking. In the end though, this game is definitely better than the first and just as fun to come back to for inspiration so I'm giving it a 3.5 / 5 stars.

For those who also liked the idea for this game but were not totally sold on the execution, I encourage you to look up a project called the "Mega Man RPG Prototype". It is the spiritual successor and tribute to this very series of Flash games and it expands on the idea in lots of fun new ways. :)


This is possibly the worst game I have ever played. The mechanics are terrible, it's monotonous, and
Hardly even a game. Your odds of beating a fight are based of luck, even when using the weaknesses. Quintet is impossible because the one weapon that even slightly affects him, the quick boomerang, damages you too. You didn't make any of the graphics except for the terrible animations that look like they were drawn free-hand flash CS1.

And finally, I don't appreciate the snarky "I hate you for criticizing me" description. Don't like criticism? Don't post an awful game on NG.

Well...It's better than the first one...But that same battle music drones on forever and ever, so I just put on the stage theme for each robot master. Some pros are the fact you put in weaknesses, so that's nice...Also, why is a GB MM2 boss in this game? Where's my Hard Knuckle when I need it...? Guts Man Tank? You mean the Guts Tank? Again, better than the first, but please make it better...