Reviews for "Broken (Heavy Video Game Loop)"

ok for this

its more like a intro to a flash video not really a boss fight mabe lead music right befor a boss fight tho idk keep it up ...

love it

ya my kind of music

NightWake responds:

thanks mate :)


this is like the best song on this page!! please keep em coming :D

NightWake responds:

Thanks mate :)
I put alot of effort into my music and its good to see people enjoying it :)

the best on motherf*cking NG

make some more stuff you have got talent

NightWake responds:


Thanks mate!

rock on

I LOVE THIS SONG!!!! Would be such a good song for fighting hellish creatures like demons. just blowing the shit out of them with bad ass guns.OH YEAH 10 FING STARS ALL THE WAY.