Reviews for "Mikey's 4th of july date"

That was fucking funnY!

That was the best mikey movie dude! I wish i could go out with britney spears, she looks hot in there! Damn, your movie was the funniest! Keep up the good work!


Speedypac i love you man...your movies are so great.. you have so much talent...mikey sucks and his voice is so annoying!!!~~~!!!

Mua hah hah!

Haa haa! Everyone should have at least one ANti-Mikey Flash. Tear that pug-ugly bastard up, man. Heck, I'll even help you dispose of the body if you want to. I think the trunk's big enough to haul him away... Naw, he's too good for trunk space.

Did mikey die

Anything with that stupid kid mikey dieing in it deserves a 10 out of 10

thats right

you still get a fucking 10 just because i like seeing this little bitch being made fun of. i mean lets look at the facts. one this kid is a control freak i mean he hasnt even met the person and he's already calling her his future girlfriend. he has a absolutely no confidence and care for himself. i mean if u cut his head off and put a tube through it he'd look like a roll of shit stained toilet paper with that fucking ratty hair cut, mullets *spits* burn every man who thinks he looks good in one. and then to say oh dont dump me when i get to like you oh dont dump oh dont dump me oh SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU WHINEY SHIT PAPER LOOKING KANISH. grow some fucking balls, take a girl, tongue her bush, fuck her ass, and quit bitching about being dumped you hairless nutsack. ah go wipe your fucking ass with your head you stupid crow dick.