Reviews for "Mikey's 4th of july date"

Very Good

Please Make More.

Did mikey die

Anything with that stupid kid mikey dieing in it deserves a 10 out of 10

Mua hah hah!

Haa haa! Everyone should have at least one ANti-Mikey Flash. Tear that pug-ugly bastard up, man. Heck, I'll even help you dispose of the body if you want to. I think the trunk's big enough to haul him away... Naw, he's too good for trunk space.



SpeedyPac responds:


ok now its boring

mikey is now passe

SpeedyPac responds:

WHat??! How can you say Mikey is now passed (or how you like to say passe)? he is only less than a week old... like 3 or 4 days... so take a chill pill or something... he is still new news! You are trying to live ahead of the time... so slow down, and try to make some funny flash movies!