Reviews for "Mikey's 4th of july date"

Not that good!

Sorry, dude but it wasn't that good! I agree with Sexx_Kitten that it was pretty unoriginal, although I did like the fireworks effects. Brittany Spears is a whore! I don't think Mikey would even be dumb enough to go out with her!

That just sucked.

That was boring,lame,and unoriginal..Sorry dude.

Very funny and degrading, but true Lol

I liked it. Hey Mikey! I really liked it. Bah!:)


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thats right

you still get a fucking 10 just because i like seeing this little bitch being made fun of. i mean lets look at the facts. one this kid is a control freak i mean he hasnt even met the person and he's already calling her his future girlfriend. he has a absolutely no confidence and care for himself. i mean if u cut his head off and put a tube through it he'd look like a roll of shit stained toilet paper with that fucking ratty hair cut, mullets *spits* burn every man who thinks he looks good in one. and then to say oh dont dump me when i get to like you oh dont dump oh dont dump me oh SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU WHINEY SHIT PAPER LOOKING KANISH. grow some fucking balls, take a girl, tongue her bush, fuck her ass, and quit bitching about being dumped you hairless nutsack. ah go wipe your fucking ass with your head you stupid crow dick.

My Turning Point..

The 1st Mikey Parody I Saw I Thought It Was Funny, 2nd It Was Ok But After Now Knowing There Is A Collection 4 Him I'm Feeling Bad For Thsi Kid. I Hope He Never See This Stuff. Sure He Isn't Um.. Attractive & His Voice Is Alil' Unpubic But He's Probaly A Chill Person I'm Sorry But I'm Blamming All This Crap For Crying Out Loud He's A Human Being.