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Reviews for "Metal Gear Domestic"

Very Nice

I liked it, I found the 4 Easter Eggs you gave hints about but I could find the "Picture"

Whether I am just not looking hard enough or too hard, I don't know. But if I do find it I will drop you that line =3

Techneon responds:

wow, you actually found/translated that message? I must say I'm impressed, I'll be even more impressed if you find it.

funniest film eva

u guys are great keep up the good work.u should plan on making a sequal


was incredible funny... I like it a lot
the graphics weren't bad at all
and you use both of them very well
and the final part... with Arnold voice, was incredible funny... XD


i hated those conversations i couldnt stand them but i had to save so i just skip those parts but the beginning with snake eater is hilarious it cvaught me of guard. good video you completely covered wat i hate about that game in your extras and the video.

so awesome
thanks! ^.^