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Reviews for "Metal Gear Domestic"


that is soooo true! its so fucking annoying when they talked about their boring personal shit during the mission! i mean what the fuck was that woman's problem!? the guy is infiltrating enemy base and that bitch keeps asking him stupid shit! hahahaa anyway good job!!!!!

Techneon responds:

actually, a co-worker of mine suggested a very intresting theory. That Rose never existed, like the Col. Notice in the final cutscene, everyboddy looks at raiden and snake, but not at Rose. Think about it!

Relationship counciling at work.....Never mind

Have you notice that the game today are starting to become a little to relistic.....I loved the part where she wanted him to open up and when he started to tell her how he feels she started to turn his words around on him.....That is so true of how a relationship works (she tells you some thing and you take it or face something wost than a metal gear).

Techneon responds:

well it's how a BAD relationship works, but nice point, it'd be hard to choose between facing a Metal Gear or an angry woman

australlians are weird

that was a great movie, i mean it had no action at all but yet it was so good, i loved it, it was better then oprah or jerry springer and those shows that people watch, possibly better than metal gear crisis, not sure, possibly the same but i still enjoyes it alot, i wanna see more of movies like this, it's weird, how come all australiians are good at animating?, for example adam phillips, he's like one of the greatest animators out there, it's so weird, oops this has nothin to do with the movie. anyway the graphics were nice, the humour was incredible and the sound was just awesome. actually i've come to my decision, this is probably better than metal gear crisis, it made me laugh alot more, i hope to see more movies from you two or just each of you. well done on your flash and good luck with the rests of your movies if you ever decide to make more. long live the great australiian animators.

Techneon responds:

Thanks for that little pro-aussie speech. It'd be a bit hard to put MGC against MGD, they're both in very different leagues, I believe my strengths lie in dialogue ad audio rather than visuals. MGC is eye candy to tha' MAX.

Anyway, thanks for the review

o hey thyr

-hands raiden a sniper- -gives him four extra clips-

srry about tht raidens to scared of other ppl to ask for the stuff he needs

-puts live grenade in roses purse- srry i was helpin jack out

rose is like every girl.... wen thy want to talk thy want to talk

and wen they talk it means hours of ur prescious time and in the worse situation a large cell fone bill

-BOOM- tht grenade took to long

so great film almost flawless

except the part about long hair it kinda offended me cuz my hair is kinda long

other than tht perfect

cool memory trick with the "SNAAAAAAAAAAAKE"

double click the box of snakes ON the main menu and it will sound like its a memory form mgs4 or somthin xD

Techneon responds:

MGS4, best game over screens ever