Reviews for "FaceWall"

cool and all, i don't understand why her left arm is up. it just doesn't make sense unless there was glass in-between, and she was leaning on it. or maybe she broke out in interpretive dance at the sight of the heads? who knows, either way, its fun to look at. good job.

MindChamber responds:

I was trying to make it that she stepped back in shock, since she didnt see the faces till she raised the light. I guess it didnt work

i like it, but i cant help but think the head most illuminated and closest to his/her glowstick thingy is saying "Agh! my eyes! they burn!"

reminds me of the scene on walking dead with the dread locked ninja girl finds all the fish tanks full of zombie heads in the governors room



that's pretty good. the wall of lamentations :3
what i like the MOST of this is that you took the care to make every single head fully different!