Reviews for "(WF1) Tranquil Hearts (WIP)"

A very soft and tranqulizing song

This song calmed my hellish heart...LoL
No but seriously this was a good relaxing tune. Nice for those summer evenings when you hold your girlfriend in your arms.
Nicely done WF1.

And yeah im back creating random music again.

wyldfyre1 responds:

Good! NG needs some random music here and there!


Well Im not going to go into as much depth as this Wyze fool-hooligan below me. Im just gonna say this song made tears of orgasmic pleasure ooze from my soul. I need a bandaid. Great work. peace

wyldfyre1 responds:

a tear-soulgasm. Awesome! Thanks for the review ^_~

Strings, seconded

The beauty in the composition is overshadowed by the quality in your sounds. I know how much you like your soundfonts, but I almost think you need to find something better for this song. Either that or run a channel for all sorts of different string instruments and make your ensemble manually.

Your piano work is good as always, but I think you might find that throwing 2 additional layers (1 staccato and 1 a slightly fuller sound) then eqing the combined 3 of them down to slightly above what we get here would work really well.

Flutes until 33 were amazing, but I think after that 4th note you should bring it up to a higher note. I.e. If you currently have C-E-D-C (long note), try doing it C-E-D-C (long note) G (halfway through the C). Whatever the flute note at 36 and 41 seconds is, it sounded slightly off to me, but this may again be due to the quality of instruments you have.

As I told you on MSN, it sounds like the flute player s dieing at 47 seconds. Get that digital player a crash cart, stat!

Get some wind chimes into the end of this man, they'll sound amazing.

Also, if possible, I think a solo, muted trumpet playing a few long notes every 8 measures or so would do wonders.

As Gravey suggested, percussion would be nice with this. But no kits. A combination of timps, soft crashes and even the sound of a heart beat if you can emulate that.

Finally, the cello. Could be a bit bigger, with a darker sound. See if you can put another cello in an octave below that at about 85% the volume. Think that would be great

Hope these ideas help

wyldfyre1 responds:

Hmm this should help big time. LOL I'll end up working on this puppy a bit more when i gets the time.


It sounds really nice. Very somber and gentle, which is a nice change of pace from the typical stuff I hear on Newgrounds.

I don't like that one pause during the song. I'm guessing you will be adding something there, or creating more of a buildup into it. That way it makes more sense. As it is now though, it seems really out of place.

I like the different instruments you are using. But the strings in the background get really annoying after a while.

Oh, and another blank spot. I didn't like it anymore than the first one. :-/

But back to the soft string chords in the background. They sound way to, mechanical, for this song. They really need to flow together a lot better. They seem to break every time they go to start a new chord. And they break on the downbeat of every measure, which is a bit too much for me.

Now, if there were more going on in the song I probably would not notice. But the song is pretty transparent and airy. So it is just so apparent.

I really like the piano. It fits in perfectly for this song.

Did I mention percussion? This could really use some. And none of that tasteless dance or trance junk either! ;-D (As if you would do that anyways!)

I really like this, but there is definitely a lot of work still to be done.

4/5 and 7/10 overall. Very nice start you guys have going here.


P.S. - Add a french horn part!

wyldfyre1 responds:

haha, yeah i was thinking about getting a french horn in there. Yeah its still needs a bit of work =). I may extend the piano some in this as well. as always thanks for the review!

The one word this WIP says from the start

"Shangri-La" is literally the word that describes this song, a peaceful paradise. All it needs to be complete is the full song, which I hope is as smooth and somewhat as tranquil as this demo, a little mixing it up doesn't hurt it much, I guess.

wyldfyre1 responds:

glad ya liked it. Yeah I'm about to send this over to F-777 and see what he'll add. We'll see where it goes from there.