Reviews for "(WF1) Tranquil Hearts (WIP)"

The flute is kinda off......

It sounds good otherwise, the flute just sounded offtune on a few off those notes. Can't wait to hear it when it's done.

wyldfyre1 responds:

huh, i've been meaning to work a lil more with the flutes in this anyway. I'll work a bit more on them when i get the file back from F-777.


god damnit this is touching! fucking deep ! can't wait to the full!


faved, and faved u :D

wyldfyre1 responds:

Thanks, and i'll do what i can haha Its in F-777's hands now.

Good Start

Yeah... From a WIP POV I think it's a very good start.

It's hard for me to make any suggestions though because I don'T really know where you want to go with it... Will it build up into something epic or stay smooth and quiet? Because for now I think it could be both. It's weird because here and there I kind of think of the Rurouni Kenshin OVA soundtrack when I listen to hit. It carries a lot of sadness, but in the end, you could give it hope or maybe make it even sadder.

You really have the kind of instrument mix I love; flutes, piano, strings... be careful though... 'cause I think that now the strings are a little bit overwhelming... but I know it's all in progress.

For percs... maybe some taito drums... because it really has that japanese feeling to it... And to add to it, maybe trade the piano sound for something like a koto and it would be awesome... But that's me... =)

Anyway... hope that helps... come by and see my stuff if you have a sec...

wyldfyre1 responds:

For sure =) I'll check your stuff out here in a bit! Thanks for the review and i feel that this review will help very much. The song is deffenatly still a WIP =). Jesse did the main strings and i just added most other stuff to it but we're working to change it up a bit and take the strings out a bit more rather then the whole song revolving around them. Thanks for the review.

hi my name is don

and i make shit to music. i poop on a keybord and people love it! nah man cute song i think of a asian girl that puts out after tea when i listen to this

wyldfyre1 responds:


I'm in heaven...

Wow, it's simply amazing... The instruments and the melody...

Can't wait for the full versio...

Sorry for my noobish and useless review...

wyldfyre1 responds:

Nahh i don't find your review useless what so ever. Your telling me that we're doing something good and in doing that i know we're on the right track. Many thanks to you!