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Reviews for "Nutty McNuts"

loved it

this was one of the most funnist games on newgrounds


sprite-like graphics and a few small bugs hurt his game... and i wish u had infinite lives and just restart at the checkpoint

Awesome! Hard but Awesome!

What you should really do is have a parody of the Papa Roach song "Dead Cell" as the theme song. You can call it "Dead Squirrel." I can almost hear it now...

Quite possibly the hardest game EVER

It wanted to be a really good game, but it was SO FUGGIN' HARD. Being able to just set the cannon or catapult's power instead of a guess-and-check hold and release would have left plenty of challenge without being overly frustrating, and the swings were a goddamn nightmare. Got through like six levels after two hours, and half of them I didn't even want to TRY the collection mission.

Good graphics and humor, sound was fine -- more than that, it was great. Just...jeezus, half my 10 on violence wasn't even in this game; it was me smashing my head on the keyboard :P

How can you not like a game called Nutty McNuts?

Way to funny!!! I love all ways he can die and the stuff he says as he flies through the air. Great game