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Reviews for "Nutty McNuts"

Bad, Bad, Bad.

I'm sorry, but this game just isnt very good. Almost everytime i shoot i get stuck in somthing and the "K button to blow him up" dosnt work. I would have given it an Awesome score if it didnt glitch so much. You really should fix it.


I'd have given you higher, but after the first shot my char got stuck on the side of the screen, between the trampoline and the steel girder.......

doesnt bode well for the rest of the levels.. fix the bugs and itd be a game worth paying for.... as is.... just kinda annoying to almost win and have him get stuck where you cannot retrieve him.... maybe a "reset shot" button??

theres a plane on the road

on the left side of steel towers there will be a plane on the road


5/5 10/10 this game rocks


This is one of the best flash games that i've played all day!!!