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Reviews for "Nutty McNuts"

There are a few problems

For example, in the training ground (for hit all the targets, i didnt do the collection mode), if you end up getting shot into the two targets below the cannon, you get stuck in a loop cause all he does is go right and left because of targets.


Refreshingly different, although the voice was sometimes annoying. BANZAAAAAIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!

good but

there were alot of gliches in it and another thing that would have made this game fucking awsome is your aloud to move your character in the air after hes shot outta th cannon. not walk but while hes in the air u can move him back n forth to get more control and who everr did the art did a great job. one of the best game shere thoguh

Original but gets boring

It glitches and gets stuck a lot, and the levels are too hard and unentertaining after a while


Good game, I beat 3 levels already, though when I launched the dude at the trampoline at full speed in the 'swingers club' level, he got stuck (the first trampoline, down from the start, launched out of the start canon)