Reviews for "A Men's Room Monologue"

the damn truth

well it has a lot of true things and when tou see it its really funny i enjoy it a lot

haha so true

yeah ive had the stall talker b4. i was at a NASCAR race, and a dude asked me who my favorite driver was wtf. o and then i had a crowder too, breathing down my neck. o and so true about the stall writing. seeing as our school bathrooms so nasty no teacher will enter, we write our dates of stink bombs and so on. but yes this flash is a true public service announcement. nice research.

It's all true my friend.

This tells the truth of men's public bathrooms in a nutshell. So good. Let me tell ya though, the grafiti gets much much worse. A gay prostitute apparently goes to my bowling ally. I can tell the by the grafiti and the fact that he left his phone number in one of the stalls. I hope he dies. What he wrote is disgusting. He said "bi bird luvs cock." Sickening. Some people however don't even know how to spell when it comes to grafiti. In my school bathroom some kid spelled bitch wrong. He spelled it bich. Lol!!!!! Anyhow thanks for telling the sickening truth of the disgusting public bathrooms. Great work.

Very true

I liked the message you were sending out here, plus your animation, style and voices were pretty good. The one that annoys me most is the "Window Stall" And the "Shit-Lock Stall". So yeah overall brilliant animation. And wahts with this ---> When one girl gets up to go to the toilet every other damn girl in the world follows her into the toilet. I mean, what do they do in there? (that is not meant to sound sick)


it's so true and funny its simple as well gets the point across really well, well done.