Reviews for "A Men's Room Monologue"


that was awesome!

i agree

man this is so true.

Funny because it's true

Great , it's funny because it's true . The animation is okay , the voice over is great . Overall , great flash

This is not comedy.

Let me list all that is wrong here. First of all; Who puts their feet in the urinal to pee? How stupid do you have to be? 2nd; No lines to pee? Have you never been to a public event, like a baseball game? 3rd; The daughters thing is NOT TRUE AT ALL, unless the daughter has never acknowledged that everyone uses the bathroom, which is unrealistic as hell. 4th; SECURE THE HANDICAPPED STALL? Do you always do this in real life, depriving the disabled? If so, that is pathetic. 5th; The stuff with writing on stalls is also sad and pathetic because you stole a Dane Cook bit who also steals from Demitri Martin. 6th; How do you even get cut with that toilet paper dispenser? You must have the most frail skin in the world. 7th; The sink bit - The evil red eyes? All you do is put your hands infront and water comes out, easy. Also, the push sinks are diabolical? It's called USING BOTH YOUR HANDS. 8th; I saw a regular towel dispenser just yesterday, what're you talking about? This is just flat-out awful. How can so many of you sympathize with these things THAT NEVER HAPPEN? You have to be some sort of OCD, paranoid shut-in. So glad this was retsupurae'd and many realized that it was indeed just observations, and not observational humor.

best movie

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