Reviews for "Lenny: Episode 1"


Where the hell did you come up with that? I thought that the driving scenes would never end! Some of these things are so assmasterish, so I guess it could of been worse...still gonna watch the second one.

Needs improvement.

Honestly, its not very good but it's a lot better than this other movie I just got done watching! Before you make more of these, if you're even going to, spend more time on the drawings. Also, bust out some voice actors to make it better. Oh yeah one last thing, when Lenny was driving it kept repeating the same two buildings. Make more than two buildings next time, it looked like he kept driving in a circle or something. Overall, it wasn't to great but it has potential if you spend more time on it.


That chick has big fucking tits!

She gives everyone head!

Nothing special

The graphics are okey, but you should still practise them for your next movie, and the storyline wasn't all that much..

Lenny's car was drawn like a

honda civic hatchback....this gets an X