Reviews for "{Dj-L} The Evil Project Final"


agreed with supermagnum

Average Score = 9.9!

Holy Shit. This makes me want to go on a rampage.
Better than the original. If I ever make the game I'm planning on creating, this is going in there. For sure.
This is almost industrial sounding and it drowns in it's own badassness.

Meonly70 responds:

Let me know when you make it, if you do. :) Thanks again.

Extended version?

I like it, and this doesnt give me a headache anymore


Hey there. Remember me?

I surely remember this song. Listening to it again, it doesn't sound too bad.. Except the melody does my head in. It's like its out of tune, or using notes that don't fit into the scale.

I have to say, this probably would suit well in a flash game. But listening to it as a song would give me a headache.

Anyway, glad to see you've made some pretty good songs :D
Keep it up mate.

Cheers Brando

Meonly70 responds:

Thanks brandon, haven't heard from you in a while. Yeah this song is pretty old and nothing is really in any type of "order" it was thrown together pretty easily, from what I remember. Thanks for the review :D


fucking awsome