Reviews for "{Dj-L} The Evil Project Final"

best song i've herd

good nice beat and background nosie are very good :D

Meonly70 responds:

Thanks man !! :)

Nice Very Nice

In Fact its so Good it could be called: SUPERMEGAINSANELYAWESOME! thats how good it is im serious.

Meonly70 responds:

Lol, making up words for songs, thanks. :D

lol awesome

i have this song but its called "The Evil Projuct full" not "final" It sounds so cool when u play it twice at once in exact timing! lol

Meonly70 responds:

:) Glad you like it man!

this makes me wanna

slam my head into a wall, but in the best way possible

loved it for some reason

Meonly70 responds:

Lol Me too :P

Awesome track!!!

This song makes me wanna punch someone.......COME HERE TAYLOR!!!!!!!!