Reviews for "Seda' Club"


I laughed, I cried, I came...TO JERUSALEM!

loved tha song!

that song was funny! did you make that up? coz thats just cool if you did. good movie funny, good sound okay graphics im gonna give it a......4!

good movie!
,.:FlashMXDude:., Rock On!

It was Okay

Not to crazy about it. I did find it humorous on the count that the Rabbi kept on saying Fifty Cent. On another note I also found it funny when Fiddy's all like, I'm a Jew too. Don't know if he actually is, I don't follow Rap or Hip Hop, but that doesn't matter. The graphics and the style is good, and the music was well done.

Funny Drek

I guess it makes more sense for Fitty Cent to be jewish than Madonna!

It was good

Only one problem. The words were hard to understand so you should add some subtitles.

shabot6000 responds:

I should have mentioned that the lyrics are available online at www.shabot6000.com/sedaclub/lyrics.php