Reviews for "PICONJO Confession XIII"

...The file actually has an ending... putting it in low quality might speed it up a lil...and zooming out...


i cried when i saw this animation i still i like him even if he's a bad guy and he can always change himself into a good guy if he wants too ;-(

I <3 j00 Piconjo

These confessions are all very sad. Well, I only ever heard of Piconjo today, but I completely <3 j00!!! Also, listening to the FFX song in the background of all of these "Confessions" makes me want to go play FFX and makes me wonder why I didn't instead of watching these "Confessions" and then I remembered that I <3 j00 Piconjo!!!!!!1111


only piconjo crying good animation

Hahahahaha!! You're kidding, right?

It's just some guy on a chair, crying!! xD I can't believe this passed judgement! Seriously!
What's the point? It actually isn't funny at all and the music started giving me a headache.
Next time, write a storyline for your flash.