Reviews for "PICONJO Confession XIII"


im against giving anything a zero but damn that sucked wut happened


judging by your portal awards you used to be good...so you use ur popularity to not get blammed even with this CRAP

Where's the rest of the plot?

How did this not get blammed?! It's just some guy sitting in a chair crying to FFX music...I hope that's you crying because you can't make a decent flash without insulting someone and getting blammed repeatedly! Nice try, but try again.

you got me!

joo pwned me on this one ;)

Waste of time

The graphics and the music seemed decent, and at the start, it looked quite promising, but after a minute of watching some guy cry, it became obvious that nothing was going to happen, and the whole purpose of this movie was "omg! Look! I can put FFX music into my flash!".

You're obviously capable of more, so stop submitting crap like this.