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Reviews for "[LK] Euphoria"


i've totally fallen in love with the crowd cheering for me :D (yes, they cheer for me, are you dissapointed about sth? :P)

Also like the 'punchi punchi' part xD (1.22~2.02 :P)

it got me dancing on my chair :P and my bro took me some embarrasing photos, all the world will see me dancing xD

I have seen better songs... Maybe... Loituma xD the rest are exactly as good as this one... just perfect :P

5/5 10/10 DL vote #598, listen #6.100 DL #1.722 :D


LK412 responds:


Thanks a lot man!



10000000000000000 (a big number) out of 3!

LK412 responds:

Thanks a lot man!

Oh My!

This song I am obsesed ith the amazing sounding synth build, and piano celestra in the begining sounded so amazing, i might try to make music this good, which is almost impossible. This piece of art could COMPLETELY OWN pablo Picasso. So good, throughout this song was so fanatical. I have so many words to describe this
song and that is one of the reasons i am writing such a long review. This song from Beggining to end, And so odviously, this such deserved the top #5 songs and deserved to be the best song on newgrounds.

I would also like to ask something, how do you make such
an amazing sounding realisic song? I use Fruit Loops studio 8, but i can not make good songs nomatter what i do. So i would really
like to know how to make this music, just like to know the program
you used.

5/5 10/10 Great Song!

LK412 responds:

Thanks a lot man. I don't think i would compare my self to picasso, let alone some of the ppl on NG.

I use Fl 8 as well. You just have to practice and understand the software.

Send me a PM ill try to help u out.

The break's not so bad..

I like the little vinyl scratch thing... thats cool. The balance is perfect and so is everything I think.. quality top notch. The only thing I am going to say which is that you should try not to make your songs so awesome cos I was deafened by awesomeness. The beat at around 3:00 is the only bad thing and you could do with a second variation of the meldoy but only a minor change and maybe a change in key at the end or something but I wouldn't change alot if anything at all!


LK412 responds:

Yea it did get kinda repetitive after a while, but i didn't want to make a nother melody because i wanted to focus on the two main ones. Another melody would make it too crazy.

I'm a magic zebra clown robot named Julio

You referenced this in a reply to a review so i gave it a shot, and I really love it. The piano is used in a cliche fashion, and alot of elements are very generic, but somehow it totally transcends the plane of similiar pieces. It's like the little track that could chugging hard to deliver AIDS vaccines to an unnamed village in east Africa. No wait that's Balto with the vaccines. Why did the little engine that could need to go up the hill? I forget. Anyway this is magical it reminds me of that sort of cheesy music in the previews for romantic comedies but way more better times seventeen.

LK412 responds:

First time i read this review i was completley lost. It was only till the third time did i realize what u were saying lol.

I know it isnt the most unique song, but i was going for a catchy, fun to listen, euphoric song.

Im glad you got that it was meant to be uplifting and happy.

I forget as well :P.

Hahha, thanks for the review.

P.S. i still dont understand the review description :P.