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Reviews for "[LK] Euphoria"

Only One Flaw...

The only flaw was that ceat that start around 1:22, it kinda threw me off 'cuz it sounded so much different, and so much less uplifting than the rest of the song... Other than that, it's heavenly! 10/10 5/5

LK412 responds:

Thank you,

Yes the break has been mentioned in many other reviews. I did this to give the song some variance and uniqueness. It was purley experimental, and it did appeal to others. If you want it removed, PM me and ill get you an edited one right away.

Thanks for the nice review!


This almost makes me want to get up and groove. I shake my fingers while writing this review.

By far the best track I've found yet on newgrounds. Keep up the good work, buddy.

LK412 responds:

Thanks a lot man! I really appreciate it!

You're way beyond going places anymore...

I've actually been listening to your stuff for the past couple of days, and I love it. I normally roll around the audio portal for music to play while I write, and nearly all of your sounds just meet exactly what I need. They each have a simple melody that is just wonderfully crisp and elegant, with a touch of that mystical sound that just makes music beautiful. And always accented so well well by beat and background. I'm no music whiz, but I know what I like.

And what is really amazing is your acceptance of criticism. A lot of people may say "Yea, tell me what you think," but you actually use the public to make your music what they want to hear, and that, in addition to your natural ear and talent, is what I believe to have pushed you so fast to becoming as amazing as you are.

People keep saying you're going places. I think you're beyond that, and you're gonna keep going farther. Keep it up.

LK412 responds:

Thanks for all the kind words man. I really appreciate it.

I made this account just to review this.

Awesome song, best beat... Fell in love with it :) Listen to this a lot... I see that you use FL STudio too (your first songs etc..) I use it too and I made my first song too... I hope in 1 year I'll be as good as you are now :)

LK412 responds:


loved it

Your work is magicly awesome to my ears.

LK412 responds:

Lol, thanks man!