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Reviews for "[LK] Euphoria"

You sir...

Are win! This is amazing and makes want to dance.. and that does not happen often... or ever! I think you deserve 5 Internets!

LK412 responds:



alot of songs are too repetative but finally some diversity. My props to you man.

LK412 responds:


what to say?it's just COOL!!!:)

i don't know what to say i just love this song,congratulations
936 downloads and only 67 reviews...to thanks author to give you taht song,you could post a review...andif you download it,you could send a posotive one :/
10/10 man,i love it

LK412 responds:

Most people who download don't have accounts, so i don't blame them.

Thanks for the nice review! I really appreciate it!

Haha Man...

Look, You Got Followers :)

Good Job On First Top 5.

I'm On My Third.



LK412 responds:


Great music!