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Reviews for "[LK] Euphoria"


Very addicting and so far my favorite audio submission yet.

LK412 responds:



I'm going to put this to my quiz :D
This is amazing!! I really, really like this...


LK412 responds:

Wow thanks!


Awsome work, Love it! :D
May ask what program did you use?

LK412 responds:


Fl Studio 8

The best!!

your songs are the best I've heard in a long time. I've been on newgrounds for a bit but i just made a account; and so im just looking around and i find this!!! your songs are the best of the best. 10/10 5/5, i dont know much about music. but i really like the beat, and like a lot of other people it puts you in a good mood, i love lissining to it when im rollerblading.

PS. if you want to add people talking i sujest jap, i think it would really fit most of your songs.

LK412 responds:

Thanks a lot!

I dont get what you mean. Add jap? You mean japanese vocals to the song?

Epic dance party

Dance all night long.