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Reviews for "[LK] Euphoria"


Its been since the days of Envy that a musician was able to make me jack into my account just to say how fucking awsome he/she is. Thank you, for making my day.

LK412 responds:

Wow, thanks!

nice song 5/5

Lol dude-Stinger839

LK412 responds:

Thanks for the review!

HAWT but About that break.....

Firstly your lead is bangin! Eruption at 38 secs is divine and following flow is mad hot.

Now that break starting at 1:22 - it's is by itself an awesome break, but it definitely comes in too early. First sound in the break is a bit off and the first beat strain is kind of generic. Things then build really nicely to that false bust but I'd cut out (or move to elsewhere) the bit at approx 2:30 to 2:50 and make it a genuine bust. It just feels like it really is ready to explode at that moment, and on the dance floor, I would have went off then and felt real cheated by a segment that seems like it should be part of another break and not a continuation of the main break.

Ending with crowd cheers reminds me a lot of Floorfilla (and that's REALLY good!) and totally amps the song. I'd also like to note that this song loops well, which is another reason why you should consider two breaks instead of one (maybe the melody manip break first, then the beat break later on, leading into the big final swell of lead).

Hope I make sense! I'm not a musician so my nomenclature for elements comes mostly from instinct.; I just love trance and happy hardcore and dance that makes me really feel a higher mood, like your composition does. Awesome job, Faved. Also I found this track via the Tortur-o-matic flash submission.

LK412 responds:

First thanks for the review.

The 2:30 part was changed. First it was what you expected it to be, then i was told to change it, so i did.

If i made to breaks the song would get pretty long and would lose the listeners attention IMO.

I understand what you mean, and they are all good points, but i avoided it for a reason.

Maybe one day when im ina writers block, ill make an extended version of this song.

Thanks again.


I really like the song, plus, it plays great on Audio Surf :D

LK412 responds:

Awesome, good to hear!


it sounds like beethoven then sounds like a hip hop baseball game then its got a great
beat this is truly a hit song!!!

LK412 responds:

Thanks man!