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Reviews for "[LK] Euphoria"

Euphoria FTW

Did you used Eurodancer to make the begining (about 30 sec) of the song?
Cause it does sound a bit like it

LK412 responds:

No i didnt.

K my turn :P

Right off the bat, nice piano :3

I also notice this song is rather 'loud' in a sense, that there's no room for space in the song, and it sounds rather crowded. I can almost guess what you have in the master channel...(Limiter? or maybe Maximus? Both?!) I recommend starting to work with those out of there, and perhaps just stick a Soft Limiter so you don't get over-decibels, and make sure the Soft Limiter's Threashold is down (straight line) though, so that it's not compressing anything.

Yay, VEC drum fills for the win... :/ you're better off making your own transitional sounds to be honest. They add character to a song, rather than hearing the same old same old.

Anyways, when the lead comes in, it's not very loud, seems like the bass overpowers the song at that point, so it doesn't have that climactic effect that I think you were going for.

1:22 was sudden, and feels quite empty, and the hat sounds really...dull. You need more sounds in there, ,,maybe a pad in the background. The bass is also not very interesting, maybe make that spot a bass solo, and mess around with the notes within the chord progression so that it's not so repetitive.

2:31 doesn't sound right, it sounds like another intro, and yay machinegun snare roll!!!! >.<

Overall, this song has compression/mastering issues written all over it. I've learned to ditch the Maximus in the master. compression in most cases is not your friend unless it's just for a specific synth/bass. Even so, you need to be careful, so that nothing overpowers anything else.

All in all, I see promise in this. Keep at it, I think you have a lot of potential in this area of music. :P


Big Brother is watching you!!! o_o

LK412 responds:

Mastering/Mixing as most people can tell is not my area of expertise.

I try really hard to work on it but its mostly just laziness. I mean, its not like actually make the music its fine tuning which turns me off. I know its necessary but im just REAAALLY lazy. Ill definitley try to improve myself tho.

I know the VEC fills are WAYYYYYYYY over used, but i love them to death, they remind me of the the days when i found out about dance/trance and listened to Dj Splash constantly. i guess thats why i put em in. Ill try to avoid that from now on.

I definitely should have put a pad in there, i really dont know what i was thinking. I wanted to make the bass simple thats why i didnt make it too crazy.

Yea at 2:31, again, i don't know what i was doing. Just trying to fill in random crap. It ruined the structure. ill try to remember that next time.

Thanks for the review. I really appreciate it.


I liked the first minute or so but then when the music sorta stopped and there were just drum beats and stuff, but then when the music started again it sounded cool again. Well, that's my opinion.

LK412 responds:

Thanks for the review!


Awsome work, Love it! :D
May ask what program did you use?

LK412 responds:


Fl Studio 8


A nice cliche' of synths you got there. I could'nt make this stuff for shit. Though I do listen to alotta dance and techno-mainly of the hardstyle genre. Awesome dude!

LK412 responds: